In an effort to limit the number of visitors to the courthouse due to COVID-19, children and other family members will not be allowed to accompany anyone reporting for probation. 

The Probation Division does not encourage any offender/defendant to bring children to appointments. In fact, this is stated on the paperwork given to the offender. There are several reasons for this.

  1. A child should never be in a situation where he/she is accompanying parents to court.
  2. If the offender/defendant fails a screening test, he/she will be escorted to a courtroom on the violation. This may mean jail time and the child will be left unaccompanied. Often if a family member cannot be reached, a state agency is contacted.
  3. If you need to bring your children to the appointment, you should also have another adult accompany you.
  4. The Probation Lobby is extremely small. There are over 325 defendants/offenders reporting to this lobby per day. This is not an appropriate place for children.