It is your responsibility to be on time for appointments with your probation officer. You are encouraged to plan ahead to get to court. This may mean taking the bus, riding your bike, asking a family or friend for a ride, or walking if needed. If you fail to report as scheduled, the following could occur based on the type of appointment you are missing.

  1. You have a weekly scheduled appointment. You contacted your probation officer about your inability to make the appointment. The probation officer will give you a new date and time.
  2. You have failed to show for an initial (first appointment for PSR or intake) appointment. A warrant will be issued.
  3. You have been placed on pre-adjudication supervision and have been ordered to make an appointment with a probation officer. You failed to report. A warrant will be issued.
  4. You have a medical issue and cannot make your appointment. You must provide documentation in regards to your medical situation. A warrant may be issued until this is done or if you do not produce the documentation in a certain time period.