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Metro Court Takes Civics Lesson to Rio Grande High School

March 31, 2022

A class of sophomores and seniors from Rio Grande High School went head-to-head in late March to argue the merits of a mock murder case in front of Metro Court’s Presiding Civil Division Judge Frank A. Sedillo. The mock trial took place in the school’s library.

The Law I and Law II high school students had been studying the mock case for weeks as the prosecution and defense; preparing opening statements, direct and cross examination of witnesses and closing arguments. Many of the students’ parents participated in the trial as jurors.

“Mock trial not only exposes students to the workings of the judicial system and due process, but it encourages extensive critical thinking, which is an important skill that will benefit them as they pursue a career in the legal field or any profession,” said Judge Sedillo, who has volunteered with the mock trial program at Rio Grande High for many years.

Upon conclusion of the trial, Judge Sedillo visited with the students, teachers and parents to answer questions about the case, the judicial process and the law.

“We see some heavy things in the courtroom on a day-to-day basis, so being out in the community, engaging and seeing the potential of our youth, gives me a great sense of hope for our future,” added Judge Sedillo.