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Metro Court discusses law enforcement’s crucial role on Specialty Courts Teams with APD Cadets

November 14, 2022

The Metropolitan Court began regularly meeting with APD Cadets in late 2022 to discuss law enforcement’s important role on Specialty Court teams.

In two different meetings, Chief Judge Maria I. Dominguez, Deputy Court Executive Officer Lissa Lowe and Specialty Courts Director Gary Markel explained the many benefits of having law enforcement participate on the multidisciplinary teams:

-Promotes positive interactions between law enforcement and program participants.

-Officers can assist in the early identification of potential treatment court participants.

-Law enforcement provides real-time communication with what’s happening in the  community by serving as the “eyes and ears of the team.”

-Officers aide in serving warrants as needed.

The Metropolitan Court currently has 11 Specialty Court Programs that work to address the underlying cause of what brought a person into the criminal justice system. These courts, often an alternative to jail, offer participants structure and guidance through counseling and treatment, judicial oversight, and court supervision.