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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court


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Administration Division

The Administration Division of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court provides administrative support to the court’s 19 judges.

The Administrative Division oversees the operations of the court’s 17 divisions by:

  • Providing centralized policy guidance
  • Developing and implementing standards and guidelines
  • Providing resources and technical support to judges and staff
  • Advocating to the state’s legislature for the court’s needed resources 
  • Managing court resources through sound financial, budgeting, and procurement practices 
  • Working with criminal justice partners to improve processes 
  • Providing services in an accurate, timely and equitable manner

Lissa Lowe
Court Executive Officer

Melissa Garcia

Melissa Garcia
Deputy Court Executive Officer

Rebecca K. Kaplan
Deputy Court Executive Officer 

Rachael I. Monarch
Deputy Court Executive Officer 

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides support to the Court Executive Officer and Deputy Court Executive Officers. Administrative Assistants take and prepare meeting minutes, contract interpreters for languages other than Spanish; including sign language, handle complaints and suggestions, respond to records custodian requests, assist with ADA accommodation requests and provide overall support for Administrative projects and office functions.

Administrative Services also oversees in-house Spanish language interpreters, who provide services to individuals with limited English proficiency in compliance with federal and state law to guarantee equal access to justice. The three full-time court-certified Spanish language interpreters provide interpretation for approximately 8,200 cases every year. They are also responsible for translating various pleadings, pamphlets, and other documents for the Court.

Administrative Services maintains cases that are appealed through District Court, the New Mexico Court of Appeals and the New Mexico Supreme Court. Staff ensures that the Record Proper is done correctly and walked over to District Court. When Appeals are remanded back to Metro Court, staff is responsible for routing file and memo to the appropriate Judge for review. When necessary, staff must re-docket all of the necessary components of the original sentence and forward parties the appropriate paperwork.

To contact Administration, please call: (505) 841-8106.