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Background Investigations Division

The Background Investigations Division is committed to honoring the constitutional presumption of innocence, while enhancing public safety.

Background Investigations is the only division within the New Mexico Judiciary that is fully operational 24 hours-a-day.  The division is staffed 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, and on holidays.  It consists of an ROR  Program (Release on own Recognizance), Background Investigations, In-Custody Bonding, Out-of-Custody Bonding, NCIC, and Case Initiation (which is located at the Metropolitan Detention Center). *Effective Tuesday 03/31/2020, Case Initiation is now located at Metro Court, operating out of Metro Court at the bonding window (South East Window facing Lomas Blvd). Law Enforcement officers can email their criminal complaints and pre-bookers (for arrested/detained individuals only) to, or drop off arrestees and the criminal complaints and prebookers to the Prisoner Transport Center (PTC).  We are still operational 24/7 and on holidays.

The Background Investigations Division places no-bond-holds on defendants who violate conditions of release and who violate probation on Metro Court cases when a new offense is filed.  A Notice of Subsequent Offense is completed and routed to the assigned judge on cases where an arrest has not occurred, but a summons has been issued, thereby assuring that all relevant parties are notified. The Department of Corrections is also immediately notified by phone when defendants on State Probation or Parole are arrested on new criminal charges.

In addition to the primary responsibilities, the division also transports Metro Court paperwork from MDC to the courthouse daily, locates outstanding bench warrants in NCIC and ensures the booking of the outstanding warrants.

Jennifer Claypool

Division Director
(505) 841-9875