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Compliance and Close-Out Division

The Compliance and Close-out Division Manager monitors the Metropolitan Court’s compliance of community service and educational schools. He also manages the court’s File Close-out Division.

The Division Manager monitors all aspects of to the completion or non-compliance of community service and educational schools. He maintains the records of attendance and community service time sheets. He also supervises the issuance of criminal summons and warrants.

The Division Manager oversees the final review of cases and ensures that all conditions and orders have been met prior to final closure of a case. He also oversees the destruction or archiving of court cases files in accordance with the New Mexico Commission of Public Records.   

In addition, the Division Manager supervises the issuance of non-arrestable parking warrants for failure to respond.  He also evaluates the work of 12 Close-out Division staff members, including 11 Judicial Specialists and 1 Judicial Lead-Worker.

Aron Real Y Vasquez
Court Manager II
(505) 841-8143