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Courtroom Support & Pleadings Division

Courtroom Support is one of the largest divisions of the court, consisting of courtroom clerks, courtroom monitors and jury staff.

Courtroom clerks are responsible for the efficient and professional operation of the court’s 21 courtrooms. Staff prepares and organizes dockets, checks-in parties, researches case history, updates the case management system with judges’ orders and ensures that all parties, including the jail, receive proper paperwork and instruction. The courtroom is a fast-paced environment, where the clerks must be able to multi-task and be detail oriented.

Courtroom Monitors ensure that record cases (DWI & DV) are tagged and recorded. They also are tasked with preparing CDs of hearings when requested.

The Jury Division ensures that all jurors reporting for jury duty at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court have reviewed the jury orientation instructions and that paperwork is filled out accurately and completely. Staff reviews juror questionnaires for completion and also reviews juror’s requests for service to be excused or delayed. Staff makes sure a sufficient amount of jurors are scheduled for daily jury trials. Staff also escorts jury panels to the courtrooms and assists courtroom clerks with Voir Dire.

To file pleadings electronically: 

Fax: 505-222-4831


Lorraine Perez

Court Manager III

(505) 841-9882