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Customer Service Division

The Customer Service Division strives to maintain the division’s mission of providing quality customer service and treating all participants in the judicial system with dignity and respect.

Customer Service Line: (505) 841-8151

The staff assists a diverse populace with varied circumstances and needs.

The first point of contact for the public entering Customer Service is the Information Desk. The Information Desk clerk directs individuals to the correct location within the court. Anyone needing assistance from Customer Service staff will receive a Q-Matic ticket at the Information Desk. The Q-Matic calling system efficiently and effectively routes individuals to the proper window whether it is to handle a civil matter, a sentencing order by a criminal/traffic judge, file and endorse pleadings, or to post a bond.

The majority of the those entering the Customer Service Division need to handle some part of his/her sentencing order, set a court date, or post a bond. Customer Service begins every transaction by conducting a brief background check and researching the individual’s Metropolitan Court case history. Staff registers individuals for various educational and community service programs. Staff processes cash or surety bonds and, at times, will need to contact an in-house officer to remand an individual into custody because he or she has not secured the bond required. Customer Service also assists the public telephonically. There are 11 stations equipped with a program that routes calls to Customer Service clerks who are ready to assist the callers. The phone number for this service is 505-841-8151. Customer Service also processes payments submitted via mail.

Tammy Winters

Tammy Winters
Court Manager III
(505) 841-8132