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Information Technology Division

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Information Technology Department has made great advances in the use of technology to improve and enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness of court processes that are critical to the management of court information.

This department provides constant support, improvements, and monitoring of 19 different in-house applications in addition to various file, web, reporting and document services also all developed internally. IT staff at Metropolitan court are not limited to providing services developed internally though, as they are constantly installing and building strong IT architecture and support networks for high tech vendor systems. This enables better access to Justice systems and increasingly swifter service to the Judiciary at New Mexico’s busiest court. Our department is responsible for systems and application development, implementation, computer equipment purchases, installation, maintenance and support. Our technical team handles a large scope of services to include: Email, Internet access, systems and applications support, IP telephony, server management, and a readily available Help-Desk. We also support a complex network infrastructure, multiple databases and network system platforms, along with over 500 desktop/notebook computers and 500+ phones.

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Information Technology is committed to collaborating with other departments and law enforcement agencies to provide effective technical solutions, resulting in a court which continuously improves its technology tools to better serve Metropolitan Court employees, who in turn, better serve the citizens of Bernalillo County and its taxpayers.

Phillip Gallegos

Phillip Gallegos 
IT Operations Manager
(505) 841-9807

Raymond Rivera

Raymond Rivera
IT Specialist Manager 
(505) 841-8120

Software Development Manager