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Office of the General Counsel

Under a General Counsel, one Attorney, and two Paralegals, this little law firm advises and guides the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court and its Judges in legal matters, which require extensive knowledge in the areas of business, contract, procurement, employment, and civil and criminal State and Federal law.

OGC does everything from advising the Judges and Administration to representing the Court in legal actions and many things in between.

For example, during the Legislative Session, OGC tracks hundreds of bills that have the potential to impact the Court in some capacity, as an employer, landlord, procurer of goods and services, or adjudicator of civil and criminal cases.

OGC also negotiates, drafts, and maintains all contracts to which the Court is a party. These contracts, which number over 200, range from professional services agreements with Specialty Court treatment providers to everything from janitorial services to courthouse security to memoranda of understanding with other governmental agencies and non-governmental entities.

OGC also maintains over 340 forms. These forms are used for criminal, civil, administrative, traffic, and probation matters. OGC works with every division in the courthouse to ensure that the Court is in compliance with the ever changing rules and laws of the State of New Mexico.

Office of the General Counsel
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