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Probation Division – Standard Supervision & Specialty Court Programs

The Probation Division is responsible for supervising defendants on both post and pre adjudicated status.

Metro Court’s Probation Division supervises a broad range of misdemeanor and felony cases including DWIs and domestic violence cases under the jurisdiction of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court. The court’s probation officers have the responsibility of ensuring court compliance, and promote positive changes in the lives of the defendants they supervise through supervision and intervention strategies. Additionally, the probation officers are charged with the responsibility of monitoring restitution, treatment compliance, drug and alcohol screenings, preparing pre-sentence reports, appearing in court and making recommendations on sentencing, preparing for probation violation hearings, and working closely with officers in specialty court programs to ensure appropriate transfers are made when a defendant is either being referred to or from one unit to another.

The Specialty Courts Division utilizes a number of different strategies to support community safety, reduce recidivism, and guide participants to a more successful future. Each specialty court program team works to identify the causative factors related to the participant’s entry into the criminal justice system and provide a multidisciplinary approach to provide the participant with essential tools for a successful outcome. Each program outlines clear requirements, obtainable goals, structure, incentives, and immediate consequences for violations. Additionally, the specialty court programs utilize therapeutic interventions, judicial interaction/oversight, drug and alcohol screenings, and face-to-face contact with specialty court probation officers to promote consistency and support to the participants. Defendants who meet the program requirements and agree to participate will have earned adjudication incentives, and an improved understanding of how to live healthier lives.

General information: (505) 841-8189.

Andres Garcia

Andres Garcia 
Chief Probation Officer
(505) 841-8182

Gary Markel

Specialty Courts Division Director

(505) 938-4243

Stacey Boone

Behavioral Health Division Director

(505) 841-8177