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Court Costs, Fines & Fees

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court has made it convenient for you to pay your fines and fees.

If you are unable to pay the fines and fees, you will have the option of completing community service at a one of the two weed and litter agencies or one of the other court-approved non-profit agencies. It is your responsibility to ensure the fines and fees are paid by the due date. There will be NO PAYMENT EXTENSIONS. If fines and fees are not paid or community service hours are not completed by the due date, a warrant for your arrest may be issued with an additional $100 warrant fee.

You must take a copy of your Judgement & Sentence, Addendum and I.D. with you to the agency!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Which agencies can I go to?

Please see the court-approved list. Click here for in-town agencies, and here for out-of-town agencies.