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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court


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Welcome to the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Jury Division

Thank you for being here to participate in a very important part of our system of justice.

How was I selected for Jury Duty?

Jurors are randomly selected from a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers, and personal income tax filers. After you have...

How long will I be serving as a juror?

You are required to serve on jury duty for approximately one (1) week. The actual date when your term of service begins and ends are on your Summons...

Where do I Park?

Juror parking is available at Metro Park, located directly north of the Metropolitan Courthouse. From the intersection of 5th Street and Lomas, go...

What can I bring into the Courthouse?

On the first day that you report for Jury Duty, you will be given a pink slip of paper that identifies you as a Juror. Bring the pink slip with you...

What should I wear to Court?

The dress code at the Metropolitan Court is casual, so you may dress in comfortable but Court-appropriate clothing. The Courtrooms can be cold, so...