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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court


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Self-Help Center

Metropolitan Court’s Self-Help Center


401 Lomas NW, Room 210, 2nd floor


Phone: (505) 841-9817

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Self-Help Center helps people who wish to represent themselves in small claims cases and landlord/tenant disputes. The Self-Help Center also maintains a community and legal resource list to help customers find additional assistance.

The Self-Help Center staff are not attorneys and CANNOT provide you with legal advice. They will, however, provide general information on procedures and assistance with forms.

Disclaimer: The following forms are based on forms created by the New Mexico Supreme Court. Both the forms and pamphlets are general in nature and not designed to give legal advice. Also, the Supreme Court regularly updates and revises its forms, as the law is constantly changing. Therefore, The Metropolitan Court does not guarantee that these forms are either accurate or up-to-date nor does the Court assume any legal liability or responsibility for your use of these forms and pamphlets. As there are legal consequences to any forms, which you may file with the Court, you may wish to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney before using or filing any of these forms.

How to File a Civil Lawsuit Pamphlet

How to Answer a Civil Complaint Pamphlet

Commonly Used Motions and Forms Pamphlet

What is Discovery? Pamphlet

Pretrial & Trial Process Pamphlet

Landlord’s Process for Evicting Tenant Pamphlet

Tenant’s Relief and Response for Landlord’s Eviction Process

Collection of a Judgment Pamphlet

What is Mediation? Pamphlet

What is an Appeal? Pamphlet

New Mexico Rule of Procedure for Metropolitan Court

  1. Civil Rules of Procedure
  2. Criminal Rules of Procedure