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Community Service

The mission of the Educational Services Division is to provide efficient opportunities for defendants to comply with mandatory community service and/or receive credit towards fines and fees. Also, offer a positive experience for both the agencies receiving services and the defendants providing services.

Community service is labor, but it also benefits the public at large.  It is an opportunity to help a governmental or non-profit agency with its work. The type of work can include clerical and janitorial to pulling weeds or building food pallets to help feed hungry New Mexicans.  Take this opportunity to be professional because sometimes an obligation can turn into an opportunity.

Defendants of Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court who are court ordered to perform community service hours will select from a court approved list of governmental or non-profit agencies.

  • You may perform community service (in addition to any mandatory hours of community service ordered by the Judge) as payment for the fines and fees you owe to the Court. If you decide to do this, you will receive credit toward your fines, fees, and costs at the Federal Hourly Minimum Wage Rate.  You also can pay fines, fees, and costs by doing both hours of community service and making payments in whatever combination and amounts you decide so long as you complete/pay by the deadline set by the Court.

Please refer to frequently asked questions for additional information on complying with Community Service.