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Customer Service

The Customer Service Division & Civil Division strive every day to uphold the divisions’ missions of providing quality customer service and showing respect to all involved in the judicial system.

Customer Service staff assist a diverse polulation with varied circumstances and needs.

The first point of contact for the public entering Customer Service is the Information Desk. The Information Desk clerk helps in directing individuals to various locations within the court. Anyone needing additional assistance from the Customer Service or Civil Division will receive a Q-Matic ticket at the Information Desk. The Q-Matic calling system efficiently routes individuals to the proper window depending on his or her needs; whether it’s to address a civil matter, a sentencing order by a judge, to file and endorse pleadings, or to a post bond.

Staff assigned to the Civil Division counters handle civil matters within the court’s jurisdiction. These are civil matters where the amount in dispute does not exceed $10,000. Some examples of civil cases that are filed in Metro Court are debts, restitution, breaches of contract, etc. 

The majority of those who visit the Customer Service Lobby come in to address one of three things; to address a portion of their sentencing order, to set a court date, or to post a bond. Customer Service staff begins each transaction by conducting a brief background check by researching the individual’s Metropolitan Court case history. When necessary, staff provides information regarding the various educational and community service programs and registers individuals for the proper program(s). The Customer Service staff processes cash bonds, while our Background Investigations Division processes surety bonds. At times, staff must call an officer to remand an individual into custody if he or she is unable to post bond at that time.

Customer Service and Civil Division staff is also available to the public by phone. Those needing assistance, may call 505-841-8151 for Customer Service. Customer Service also processes payments submitted via mail.