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In 2016, the Mediation Division celebrated its 30th year of providing mediation services in the Metropolitan Court.

Our mission is: “To provide high-quality mediation services with a focus on complete party self-determination using a non-directive, non-evaluative, facilitative model of mediation.”

Mediation Division staff and more than 80 professionally trained mediators mediate approximately 650 civil cases per year with an overall agreement rate of 78%. The mediators offer their services on a ‘pro bono’ (free of charge) basis. Case types include debt collection, landlord/tenant issues, consumer complaints as well as cases involving neighbors and family. Mediations can be conducted in both English and Spanish.

Over the Mediation Division’s history, approximately 20,000 cases have been resolved. When a case settles through mediation it not only saves court time and resources but litigant time and resources, as well. Compliance with Mediated Agreements is approximately 90% making it an appealing alternative to waiting for a court date and possible collection of a Judgment.

If you are involved in a civil lawsuit, you may be offered mediation services to help with your case. Call 505-841-8167 for more information, or check the Frequently Asked Questions on Mediation.