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What Metropolitan Court Doesn’t Do

The jurisdiction of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court does not cover the following functions.

Those listed below are handled by the Second Judicial District Court (505-841-8400).

  • Domestic relations (e.g. divorce, annulment, separation, custody, support, guardianship, dependency of children or adoption)
  • Malicious prosecution, libel or slander
  • Title to land or boundary disputes
  • Specific performance for the sale of land
  • Misconduct by public officers
  • Restraining order, habeas corpus, extraordinary writs or injunctions
  • Name changes
  • Any civil matter where the amount in controversy is greater than $10,000
  • Any felony matter (with the exception of felony first appearances, which are handled by this Court)
  • Any criminal matter involving a juvenile (child under the age of 18) with the exception of traffic court

Our judges do perform weddings regularly, but you will have to go to the office of the County Clerk to get a marriage license before a judge will do the ceremony. Click here to get an application form from the Bernalillo County Clerk.