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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court


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Competency Court

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Competency Court is designed to identify, assess, and move defendants who raise competency concerns through the court system in an efficient and expedient manner.

The defendants who are in-custody and out-of-custody, are scheduled for a forensic evaluation to determine competency. Court is held weekly and an average of 25 cases are reviewed per court session.

The Honorable Maria I. Dominguez presides over Competency Court in addition to her regular docket. Her team consists of a court clerk from probation, a defense attorney from the Law Offices of the Public Defender, a prosecutor, a mental health program manager, a clinical services coordinator, and four mental health program probation officers.

Case Management Services

The court contracts with a community agency to provide case management services to individuals when competency or mental health issues have been raised. The case management services are intended to assist with stabilization, resources, housing, disability, medication, guardianship, and other needs that often accompany individuals with mental health and competency difficulties. These services are offered to defendants who may have not had access to services previously and often recidivate in our criminal justice system.