The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court welcomes media coverage.

However, cameras are not allowed inside of the courthouse nor is recording or livestreaming of virtual proceedings permitted without prior approval from the Court. Please call Public Information Officer Camille Baca at 505-401-6149 for camera clearance or requests to record remotely at least 24 hours in advance, or as soon as practicable. Courthouse security will not allow cameras or other audio or video recorders into the building without prior clearance.

News Media

The Court follows the guidelines laid out in New Mexico Supreme Court Rule 23-107 regarding the broadcasting, televising, photographing and recording of court proceedings. These guidelines are designed to ensure the dignity of the proceedings and to guarantee a fair and impartial hearing. Photographers and videographers are expressly prohibited from taking photos or video of jurors or prospective jurors.

Interviews are not allowed inside the courtrooms. Reporters or camera crews conducting interviews in the hallways or other courthouse areas will be expected to do so courteously, not disturbing other courtroom operations, employees or visitors. If a party declines an interview, he or she is not to be pursued while in the courthouse or on court property.

Members of the media are allowed to bring cell phones into the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse. Cell phones are to be used for communication purposes only. Cell phone cameras and/or video are NOT to be used at any time within the courthouse. Cell phones are to be placed in silent-mode upon entering a courtroom. Social media use of any kind is not permitted inside the courtroom unless prior permission has been granted by the judge.

Filming in the court’s exterior courtyard is permitted, so long as it does not impede court patrons.

For more information regarding media access to the court, court records, hearings, and/or interviews, please contact Camille Baca at 505-401-6149.

Please find a printable version of the court’s Media Policy.